Solar fan with 4 led lamps

  • 3 watts Evo security light with sensor & infra camera on and off intermittently according to your setting. We have sample in our yard Price: N37,000.00

  • Flood security light this is on throughout the whole night. The solar panel is 10 watts
    Price: N102,500.00

  • 10 watts perimeter security light maximum for the whole night. It is good for your yard and compound
    Price: N51,500.00

  • Mini solar for TV.

    Solar for your 21 or 22 inches television. It is easy to install & environmental friendly. LED lamp: 4pcs LED TUBE 12V6W with 5m cable. Lead sealed acid battery 12v26ah inbuilt. 18v40 watts panel.
    Cost : N 115,000. 00

  • Security light at edge of the house

    Yard security. This 10 watts solar panel is good for the security light. It's duration is 8 hours to 12 hours throughout the night. The cost is N 48, 890. 00
    A big yard needs minimum of 2 to 4 pieces.

  • Solar fan & light

    Solar fan to cool the heat and reduces temperature with hot weather. It can be on for maximum 8 hours. You can charge phone. It's durable. 2 fans, 4 led lamp and A year warranty. Price: N 80,000.00

Solar Turns darkness into light

We focus on selling solar lights for African to enable them 24/7 lighten. 

3 watts panel one single led lamp for light & charging. light durations: first step = 18 hours, second = 10 hours, and third step = 6 hours brighter as flurescent

Solar light for security at night at car park We supply solar for yard security on order too.

Solar in the Kitchen

  • This folder is a bit peep into some of the works we do on solar selling, installation and building and installation of various solar request.

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  • Solar security lamp with movement detector. We sell various type of yard, and compound solar for night to assist human efforts.